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Our History

Kadugannawa & Geragama tea factories are owned by Mr. M.M.D.M. Marasinghe who introduces the Tea promotion centre to the Geragama Tea factory in 1994. Kadugannawa and Geragama tea factories are well maintained with proper hygienic conditions to make sure all the tea varieties which are manufactured and packed are in best standards.

Our staff members in the tea centers will guide our visitors all around the factory, tea plantation and explain the whole scenario which is taken place in manufacturing tea. Our team is capable of guiding our visitors in various languages such as English, Chinese, Russian, German, Arabic, etc. As we are proudly managing both the Kadugannawa & Geragama tea factories and the tea centre’s. We manufacture Pure Black tea and more than twenty other varieties such as OP, FP, BOP, and BOPF. Especially Silver Tips, Golden Tips, Green tea & Natural flavored tea which is one of the best in our country.

We provide tea Plucking competitions for the guests & we serve a finest cup of tea for all our visitors for free.

We provide our visitors a good experience about Ceylon tea, for the tea lovers who are in the whole world through our tea factory visits